2023     Georgi Sareski, Marko Jovanovic – Big Love
available on all platforms https://filterlabel.streamlink.to/biglove 

2018        the INSTINCTS – Music Unseen
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-with: Georgi Sareski – guitar, Boris Bell – drums, Antti Virtaranta – bass 


2016             Sareski Berlin Unit 

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enthusiasia cover

-with: Georgi Sareski – guitar, Nikolaus Neuser – trumpet, Dzijan Emin – piano, Christian Schantz – Bass, Boris Bell – drums


2011        The Skopje Connection meets Ernst Reijseger (Losen Records, Norway)
Read the review by Alberto Bazzurro

-with: Georgi Sareski – acoustic guitar, Ernst Reijseger – cello, Luca Aquino – trumpet, Dzijan Emin – French horn

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2009        The Skopje Connection “Amam” (Enrico Blumer Productions, Italy)
Read the review by Angelo Leonardi

-with: Georgi Sareski – acoustic guitar, Luca Aquino – trumpet, Dzijan Emin – French horn,

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2007       The Georgi Sareski Quartet “Myau Myau” (Skopje Jazz Festival Records)
Read the review by Daniela Floris

-with: Georgi Sareski – guitar, Dzijan Emin – keyboards, Oliver Josifovski – bass, Goce Stevkovski – drums, Justin Keller – tenor sax (as a guest)

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2006       Georgi Sareski 6 feat. Francesco Bearzatti (Chicken Madness, Macedonia)

“The music throughout is unpredictable, but overall SoHoHo is a creative success for Sareski and the jazz artists who join him. It represents one of those rare occasions when the right group of great musicians got together on the right day, with the right music.” – read the full review on allaboutjazz.com

-with: Georgi Sareski – guitar, Francesco Bearzatti – tenor sax, Dzijan Emin – French horn, Vladan Drobicki – trombone, Oliver Josifovski – bass, Alek Sekulovski – drums

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2005       Georgi Sareski “Elflandia” (Chicken Madness, Macedonia)
“The compositions are beautiful and powerful, revealing that Sareski not only has an ear for melodies, but also is a composer with a fertile imagination and capability for arrangements that seamlessly shift between the contemporary and the traditional.” – read the full review on allaboutjazz.com 

-with: Georgi Sareski – guitar, Uri Gurvich – soprano saxophone, Rick Stone – alto saxophone; Justin Keller – tenor saxophone, Byron Colborn – baritone saxophone, David Hickok – trombone, David Rosenthal – trumpet, Roy Assaf – piano, Michael Reis – piano (track 3)  Cristiano Da Ros – upright bass, Kota Nakamura – drums, 

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