“Aside from confident playing, there is a strong compositional personality at work here, where Balkan meters meet popular dance forms, driven forward by an irrepressible style and an occasional taste for the absurd.” – Gerry Godley, Improvised Music Company


November 5th, 2022, at the Macedonian Philharmonic – Duets, the music of Georgi Sareski, a concert supported by the ministry of culture. This is the colorful poster for the concert, designed by Gjorgje Jovanovik who also made the cover of our upcoming album “Big Love” for Filter Label.


New duo album with Marko Jovanovic coming out on all digital platforms in February 2023. Lookout for our 3 pre-release singles coming out in November, December and January.



Georgi Sareski’s more recent orchestral works:

The new ad by the Macedonian Telekom features Georgi in a composition collaboration

With Duke B,

Georgi recorded guitar for Nura’s new single “Ohne Sinn”

Hear “the Mantra” in a duet with Marko Jovanovic

The Instincts – Music Unseen – the new power trio with with Boris Bell and Antti Virtaranta

Georgi Sareski plays ZT amplifiers exclusively ZT Amplifiers