“Aside from confident playing, there is a strong compositional personality at work here, where Balkan meters meet popular dance forms, driven forward by an irrepressible style and an occasional taste for the absurd.” – Gerry Godley, Improvised Music Company

New duo album and concert series with the masterful harmonica player Marko Jovanovic in the summer of 2022.

Georgi Sareski’s latest orchestral works:

The new ad by the Macedonian Telekom features Georgi in a composition collaboration

With Duke B,

Georgi recorded guitar for Nura’s new single “Ohne Sinn”

Hear “the Mantra” in a duet with Marko Jovanovic

The Instincts – Music Unseen – the new power trio with with Boris Bell and Antti Virtaranta

Georgi Sareski plays ZT amplifiers exclusively ZT Amplifiers


Recent shows

26/10/2019 – Public Room, Skopje, Macedonia, The Georgi Sareski Quartet (reunion show)
08/08/2019 – Ohrid Summer Festival, Macedonia, Duke Bojadziev
18/05/2019 – WATT, Berlin, w/ Andreas Günther Small World Band
23/02/2019 – Lagari, Berlin, w/ Andreas Günther Small World Band
19/01/2019 – Artliners, Berlin, w/ Rodeo.FM
24/11/2018 – WATT, Berlin, w/ Andreas Günther Small World Band
16/11/2018 – Prima Center Berlin, Solo
14/11/2018 – Hermsdorf, Berlin, w/ Rodeo.FM
30/10/2018 – Mojo Club, Zagreb, Croatia, the instincts
29/10/2018 – SKC, Kragujevac, Serbia, the instincts
28/10/2018 – Jazz Club, Krusevac, Serbia, the instincts
27/10/2018 – Public Room, Skopje, Macedonia, the instincts
22/10/2018 – Kühlspot Social Club, Berlin, Germany, the instincts